Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Here at Sysvine, we provide ERP solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises by using open source ERP platforms such as Odoo. Our ERP services include consulting, implementation, training, cloud hosting, support, and sustenance. Our team is experienced from Lead Generation to Customer Satisfaction in the business process cycle.

All in One

Why use so many software applications to take care of your business when you can have it all together in one application? ERP gives you the benefit of keeping all your processes and data in a single platform accessible from any of your locations.

Time & Cost effective

ERP will reduce the number of calls and emails among your staff, to/from your customers, and to/from your suppliers. You have a lot of frustration spending more time which will be eliminated by the use of ERP.


ERP lets you make plans for your business based on highly accurate and precise information about your operations. Now you can make decisions, create realistic estimates, forecast accurately, and set achievable goals with data analytics that the system provides.

Work Efficiency

All regular transactions are streamlined and working smoothly in ERP. Now, your staff can focus on expanding the business and be more friendly with customers and make the workplace more efficient.


Our ERP solutions are elastic. This means, when your business grows, the solution’s database and the application services grow automatically. If you have more users using it, it adds memory or CPU that is needed to scale up. We do provide ERP on-premise as well as on the Cloud.


A growing business process will be ever-changing, ERP will handle these changes effectively and perfectly without disrupting the adjacent workflows. The platform can be changed quickly by our experts for changes.


Reports can be customized to the user's will, view data structurally, and obtain information on how business is doing for different aspects. Complex and unrelated data can be categorized and presented to gather useful and meaningful information.


The platform has access only by authenticated users, has access control, and data is encrypted and stored behind several firewalls for security. The rules are customizable by administrators too.


We have the expertise in integrating the ERP with any of your legacy applications or third-party apps. We have integrated with Amazon cloud API, Amazon merchant API, Tally API, and many other applications through API or without API.


Program Manager, Electronics Engineering Company, USA

"Thank you for all your help!! The Deployment script is pretty amazing and it will make deployment so much easier."

Program Manager - Electronics Engineering Company, USA

CEO, Global Manufacturing Company for Electronic Components

"Great to hear that you are 10 steps ahead of me! Appreciate the proactive action…"

CEO - Global Manufacturing Company for Electronic Components

CEO, ERP Product Company, Atlanta, USA

"I just had a demonstration with one of the Legacy platform’s customers who will be moving onto the new platform, and they were pleased with the look and functionality of where we are at this point. They are excited about getting started at the first of next year in the new program. Thank you for your hard work to get us to this point!!…"

CEO - ERP Product Company, Atlanta, USA