Environmental Policy

Our main goal is to promote human welfare, protect natural systems, safeguard our natural environment and the livelihood for future generations with job security and continuous improvement in working conditions are matters of particular concern to Sysvine. We comply with all the applicable environmental and related legal and other requirements. We have a committee called ConserveVine who meet quarterly and chart out specific goals and action plans. We strive to achieve a common set of environmental objectives through ConserveVine
Conserving Paper

Conserving Paper

By reducing paper, we save trees which help to improve our environment. We minimize the use of paper in the office by processing all the documents online. We procure recycled and recyclable paper products and recycle all paper, when possible. We encourage everyone to reduce the usage of papers and suggest to support the company’s SR activity in minimizing paper usage. We facilitate our employees to use air hand-dryers instead of paper towels in restrooms. We urge our employees and clients to use digital communications whenever possible. We use email signatures discouraging the printing of the email. We discourage the use of paper cups for water and daily beverages.

Conserving Power (Electricity & Gas)

We are replacing our light with energy-saving lights. We can save up to 20% of our electricity and other power costs by efficiently using power. We switch off any light, AC, or fan when there is no one in the room or office. We inspire everyone to switch off computers and other electrical equipment when leaving work. This includes lunch breaks, meetings, and other appointments. We switch off all electrical equipment when leaving any room. We use energy-efficient electric appliances when possible. We use computers which consume less energy.

Conserving Water

Water scarcity is a known problem around the world. We ensure that none of the faucets and toilets leak. We do urge every Sysviner to inform the facilities if they find any leaks before leaving the toilet and restrooms. Water hygiene is essential to the safe environment of the Company. We encourage and train our employees to leave the toilets and bathrooms clean after using them. We train our employees not to stand while urinating in a western-style toilet. This will keep the toilet seat clean and sterile. We encourage our employees to wash their hands with soap and use the hand dryer before leaving the toilet. We promote a germ-free area all around the office premises. We have made sure that our faucets are fitted with water-saving filters. We remind employees to be mindful of the water they use.

Stop the spread of diseases

We inspire our employees to maintain a high sense of personal hygiene and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that by keeping our environment germ-free, we reduce the spread of disease. We make sure that our office is kept clean and tidy. We clean our restrooms and toilets daily. We dust and clean furniture, equipment regularly. We disinfect our floors and carpets regularly. We disinfect door handles regularly. We strive to make sure that our office premises are well maintained. We request and facilitate employees to stay from work if they have a contagious disease. We ensure that the trash containers are emptied daily. We make sure that the trash cans are lined with a trash bag in places where wet trash is likely to be dropped. We inspire our employees to follow restroom and breakroom etiquettes. We request our employees not to soil the break rooms while having snacks, lunches, or drinks. We encourage our employees to be responsible for cleaning the mess they leave behind. We have rules against bringing animals to be kept in the break room for any reason without a supervisor’s consent. We make sure there are no dirty dishes left in the sink. We make sure spoilt food is not kept in the refrigerator. Smoking and chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited. If any unapproved items are put in the break room, supervisors have the right to move or confiscate any of the unapproved materials, even if they belong to an employee.


Waste Management & Recycling

We recycle e-Waste, used paper, and other recyclable office supplies with a Government Authorized Recycle Vendor. We also have recycled bins in prominent and convenient places where employees can drop off their recyclable items. We discourage the use of plastic bags and encourage the use of paper and reusable jute bags.

Natural Environment – Carbon Offset

Sysvine will help to protect and enhance natural habitats and wildlife, take appropriate opportunities to enhance them, and be sensitive to landscape issues. Look to minimize the impact on local wildlife, and to look for opportunities to work with the local community in caring for the local environment. Sysvine will endeavor to be aware of local planning developments and take appropriate action where these are potentially damaging to the environment. Our ConserveVine committee maintains a risk register tracking the carbon footprints made by Sysvine as part of the business process and plants trees in Government schools to offset the carbon footprint.

Awareness and Commitment

Our ConserveVine committee holds seminars and training sessions encouraging and reminding employees to conserve energy, use recyclable eco-friendly everyday items, and energy-efficient appliances in their homes. We hold special sessions and put internal postings discouraging the use of crackers during festive seasons. We audit and set benchmarks, review, and make continuous improvements in our environmental policy. We explain our environmental policy to new joiners as part of their induction and orientation to our Company. We engage and involve our customers, vendors, and contractors in our environmental sustainability mission.