FinTech Software

FinTech Software platform makers are building innovative digital solutions to address the contemporary challenges faced in markets. We partner with many such FinTech firms based out of Australia, New York and Europe in actualizing their solutions to reality. Our engineers are well experienced in building applications handling the demands of Capital Markets dealing with derivatives, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, ABS, and Forex. We are adept in offering solutions for AssetTech, InsurTech, Payment Automations, RegTech, WealthTech, and Lending apps.

WealthTech Services

Sysvine's expertise in building Wealth Management platforms include identifying financial or investment goals of any individuals or families, identifying the investment time horizon, assessing the financial status, and offering Personalized Investment strategies, Retirement planning and more.

  • Financial Health Management
  • Behavioral Finance and Nudging
  • Robo-Advisors and Robo Retirement
  • Digital custody solutions
  • Seamless integration with banks and institutions for easy aggregation of financial data & providing a holistic view of an individual's financial position
  • Machine learning Predictive models for investment strategies and portfolio optimization
  • AI-driven Analytics
  • Risk profiling and suitability assessment

AssetTech Services

As a technology partner to some of the cutting-edge FinTech service providers of Assets Under Management (AUM), we offer solutions to financial institutions and asset managers to increase their operational efficiency, reduce and manage risk, and harness data for high returns. We have over three decades of experience in building app includes:

  • Asset Management
  • Fund Management
  • Investment Research and Management
  • Risk Management
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to enhance the transparency, security, and efficiency in managing assets
  • Market Surveillance
  • Market Data Analytics and Solutions
  • Customer Communication Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Management

Real-Time Trading Apps

Sysvine helps clients integrate trading systems from multiple ISPs into a coherent platform, build messaging layers that tie together OMS’s, EMS’s, algo engines, market data, pre-trade risk, and position allocation systems with various downstream systems. Our Expertise in building High-Frequency Trading (HFT) app includes:

  • FIX, FpML and FIXML Integrations, Building Custom Socket Bridges
  • Real-Time Market Data & Pricing, Algo Trading
  • Inter-Service Communications using Kafka and Chronicle Queue. High concurrency using LMAX Disruptor
  • Order and Execution Management
  • Trade Executions using popular algo includes TWAP, VWAP and PoV
  • Real-Time Dynamic Alpha, Statistical arbitrage, ETF Baskets optimization
  • Trading Analytics includes trade analysis indicators, real-time risk monitoring, pre-trade risk checks, trade visualization

In-Memory Clearing Apps

As the new world of mandatory clearing of securities is here, automating many of the usual manual processes in the global clearing allows for increased efficiency, improved risk management, enhanced operational visibility, and more work accuracy. Investment and FinTech software firms turn to Sysvine to develop Clearing app includes:

  • Robust trade management capabilities, allowing users to provide and retrieve information securely
  • In-Memory Clearing Engines built using Hazelcast, Redis, Ignite, Infinispan
  • Customizable Clearing Workflows
  • Pricing Engines
  • Real-time Position Management
  • Margin Calculations and Optimization
  • Straight-Through Processing (STP) capabilities for automated clearing process
  • Collateral Management
  • Trade Compression
  • Real-Time Correlations, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
  • Risk Management includes defining and enforcing rules and thresholds, real-time risk calculations
  • Seamless integration with third party systems, such as trading platforms, risk management tools, settlement systems, and reporting systems

RegTech services

We support our clients to meet compliance requirements for various regulations, and proactively manage the data within the entire financial infrastructure to mitigate risk and boost business outcomes using AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. We ensure to support all the Compliance Regulations globally that includes - but are not limited to:

  • KYC / AML (Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering)
  • CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review)
  • BCBS 239 (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)
  • SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
  • GLBA (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act)
  • NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Federal Data Protection Law 2000
  • The Privacy Protection Act (PPA) 2017
  • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
  • Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA)

DeFi Services

We offer solutions that can solve market inefficiencies by leveraging the benefits provided by Blockchain. We build dApps that help clients to enhance the system by operating in a secure, decentralized approach using Blockchain at a lower cost, better speed, building a new level of trust in business by ensuring auditing and security along the way.

  • On-premise solutions using Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Oracle Blockchain Platform, Multichain, R3 Corda
  • Cloud-based solutions using Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service offered on Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blockchain Platform, Google Blockchain Node Engine, IBM Blockchain Platform
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) facilities cryptocurrency trading
  • Building Asset Tokenization Platform offering tokenization of real-world assets into digital tokens on a Blockchain network
  • Automating businesses operations and streamline workflows by developing highly secure, immutable and reliable Smart Contracts using Solidity, Go, Java
  • Decentralized Crypto Wallets
  • Custom NFT Marketplaces where digital assets of users are minted to NFTs and auctioned
  • Unleashing the full potential of the Web 3.0 ecosystem by building dApps on Polygon platform

InsurTech Services

We work with Insurtech startups on providing varied technology solutions, including regulatory, compliance, and reinsurance. We build robust applications to manage their investments, increase customer loyalty, and access a larger client base.

  • Interactive mobile and web applications for managing the complete lifecycle of policies through automation
  • Underwriting platform includes application processing, risk assessment, and premium calculations
  • Processing engines built for super fast claim management
  • Fraud detection and Risk evaluations
  • Chatbots, proactive alerting & monitoring for the policyholders
  • Analytics-based planning and real-time monitoring for insurance companies
  • Policy & Claim Integration with platforms such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Odoo using Dell Boomi and MuleSoft
  • Integration between eMarketplaces, Intermediaries, and Aggregators

Lending Apps

Proficient in building applications to handle the entire lending life cycle includes loan management, risk assessment, debt collection, customer service. We offer robust solutions that help to innovate and improve lending processes.

  • Loan Origination includes automated underwriting
  • Geography-based KYC/AML verifications
  • AI and RPA based processing of digital documents, credit risk assessments, defining contracts
  • Automated transfer of the approved funds
  • P2P lending and end-to-end traceability
  • Debt Management
  • Integrated with credit scoring systems
  • Comprehensive loan calculator for users
  • Lending transactions are processed using Blockchain
  • Monitor loan portfolio risks and other AI based analytics
  • Sophisticated Mobile lending application

Payment Automation

Sysvine possesses extensive expertise in the field of payments, enabling us to provide efficient solutions for automated payments across various sectors including B2B, B2C, P2P, taxes, payrolls, banks, and more. Our expertise includes:

  • Automated conversion of invoices or documents in various formats to a predefined digital format using AWS Textract, Google Vision AI and Azure Cognitive Service for Vision
  • Machine Learning to analyze historical payments and precisely forecast the due payments
  • Configurable rules & Auto approvals
  • Auto payment schedules & executions, Reconciliation
  • Payment Analytics to ensure accurate planning of liquidity and working capital
  • Fraud scoring & Fraud detection using AI techniques
  • Integrated with ERP platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho, SAP, Oracle ERP, and Odoo
  • Integrated with payment gateways, third party vendors, human resource and procurement applications


Managing Director, Blockchain Startup FinTech Company, Sydney, Australia

"Sysvine Technologies’s top-notch project management stood out the most to us. They excelled in their delivery of the upfront design, using a robust engineering process to accomplish each task. The team also demonstrated a penchant for creative and problem-solving. We found their highly independent and proactive approach valuable throughout the project. Lastly, Sysvine Technologies was highly knowledgeable of Hyperledger of financial services."

Managing Director - Blockchain Startup FinTech Company, Sydney, Australia

VP, Products, Financial software Firm, New York, USA

"Demo went very well (To the CEO of the client) as we were able to demonstrate our value, differentiated carry calc and verification process and usefulness of our product in their PE lifecycle"

VP, Products - Financial software Firm, New York, USA

CTO, Asset Management Software Firm, New York, USA

"I can tell a good designer by the way they dress. Love your design. The screens look cool; apart from the precision in our product, the usability and look and feel are exceptional. Our customers who did not pass our earlier design for two and half years love our design now"

CTO - Asset Management Software Firm, New York, USA

Head of Technology, Financial Services Company, Singapore

"Thanks for the help. Your presence has improved the support service level."

Head of Technology, Financial Services Company, Singapore

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