Cloud Apps

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Portal for Public Safety for a client in North Carolina, USA

This portal is a easy to use suite of web-based and mobile apps (both iOS and Android), that empowers the residents to share information with local law enforcement, fire, emergency services and other citizens to make the community a better and a safer place to live.
This portal uses both back-end messaging from Computer Aided Dispatch Systems and Record Management Systems to send Framework based messaging architecture for the web.
This portal is developed using Java Play Framework, Restful WS, MongoDB, C#, Java, WordPress/PHP, MySQL, iOS/iPhone, Android, JMeter, SoapUI and Selenium.

e-Learning Portal for an Industrial Training Organization, KY, USA

Our client’s objective was to build an e-Learning portal named ITS e-Study with two-dimensional-multi-tenancy (for their franchisees and proctors). Stringent security and data access control objectives were driven due to user roles like franchisees, proctors, instructors, students, super-administrators and sub-roles within these roles. The e-Study portal hosts the following features: Courses, Exams, Reports, Integration with billing and certifying application. The solution had to be cost-effective in construction and scalability. Solution is a Java Web 2.0 portal built using Struts2-jQuery, JBoss-ESB, Drools, LDAP, MS SQL Server, FTP and MS SSiS.

Telecom Portal for a large enterprise based in Denver, CO, USA

This multi-year Portal development effort for a telecommunications giant headquartered in Denver, CO was their initiative to become the number-one provider of WAN and Internet services to its commercial Clients. This powerful portal allows the commercial Clients to manage their communications services efficiently and effectively through Internet. We were involved in developing the following sub-portals: eBilling, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Dedicated Internet Access, Dedicated Web Hosting, Virtual Private Network Services, and Toll-free Dial.

Cloud ERP Product for a client based at Atlanta, GA, USA

A cloud based ERP product for the Machinery, Erection and Implementation industry. The system manages Job creation and workflow in machine erection projects and integrates with financial systems like QuickBooks in real-time.
The technologies used are J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, backbone.js, jQuery, MySQL and Restful WS using Jersey.