Sysvine offers Ruby and Ruby on Rails (ROR) product engineering and development services. If your app is already on RoR and wish to develop using RoR’s rapid development methodologies, please give us a call.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source web development framework that functions in Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. The MVC architecture helps in the fragmentation of complete web application into separate layers. RoR makes use of Ruby language for faster development of web applications. Ruby on Rails is being used by many high-traffic websites such as The Yellow Pages, Twitter and MTV.


Ruby on Rails is simple to use & at the same time powerful in performance. RoR is capable of resolving any kind of scaling issues. With caching and CDN integrated, RoR can perform much faster compared to many other frameworks. The RoR framework provides an elegant way to solve many of today’s common web tasks and includes a robust testing and data access framework. Also Ruby on Rails framework inbuilt with security fixes which address common security issues like cross-site scripting and other vulnerability issues.

We have developed large and medium-sized responsive web apps using RoR. We have the knowledge of working with various responsive frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation 5 and more. We also have used Amazon Cloud’s inbuilt features for RoR, CloudFront API, OpsWorks to build auto-scalable RoR Apps.

Some of the apps in RoR are content management systems, e-commerce solutions, online work order management systems, customer self-service portals and Human Resource portals.

Some of the popular Ruby Gems that we use on a daily basis are


  • Devise
  • Foundation-rails
  • elasticsearch-*
  • Aws-sdk
  • Capybara
  • RMagick
  • SASS
  • Formtastic
  • Bundler