Application Development using JavaScript

At Sysvine, We have extensive experience in developing both Client-Side and Server-Side applications using state-of-the-art JavaScript frameworks. For example, we are proficient in node.js/express.js stack for Web Services; based on MVC framework, developing a rich web 2.0 client using backbone.js.

Server Side and Networking Apps using Node.js


After being embraced by companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay and the likes, Node.js is widely being regarded as ‘The Next Big Thing’ by developers. Use at Microsoft Windows Azure further evidences the growing popularity of Node.js development.

Built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, Node.js is a platform that builds fast, scalable and efficient network applications. Web Services build using coffeescript or express.js on top of node.js VM runs much faster than any other technology stacks.

Web Services build using coffeescript or express.js on top of node.js VM runs much faster than any other technology stacks. Other node modules that we routinely use for application development are: coffee-script.js, mocha.js, connect.js, jade.js, underscore.js, commander.js and more.


Why Node.js as your VM?

  • Applications with great performance and scalability
  • Reusability
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Event driven
  • Non-blocking I/O model
  • For data intensive real time applications
  • Ease of use

Migrate to node.js?

Our team also has rich experience in quickly and effectively moving wide range of applications from .NET, php, J2EE, Play Framework/Scala to Node.js. While migrating we keep all the basic architecture and original goals of the company intact to its original requirements.

Client Side Web 2.0 Applications

We have a team of experts developing applications various MVC frameworks, popular one being backbone.js.


Advantages of MVC model in Client Side JavaScript apps

  • Event-driven communication
  • Syncing with a back-end
  • Simplify the server-side persistence
  • Provide DOM, model and collection synchronization
  • Decouple the DOM from your page’s data
  • Model data, views and routers in a succinct manner
  • Organize the structure to our application

Sysvine’s Expertise in Other Various JavaScript Frameworks

We also have experience in developing modern, interactive and cool web applications using various JavaScript frameworks. We choose any one of the following frameworks, based on our clients need.

Our expertise includes: (And this list is growing each day…)

  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Ember.js
  • Sails.js
  • Knockout
  • ActiveJS
  • Agility.js
  • YUI
  • Spine
  • Maria
  • Dojo
  • Eyeballs
  • Serenade.js
  • CanJS
  • JavaScriptMVC
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • ExtJS
  • ZK
  • Sproutcore
  • Cappuccino