Product Engineering

We surpass typical IT Services delivery model to provide much-disciplined Product Engineering Services for Analytics, Cloud, or Mobile technologies.

Sysvine offers high quality Software Product Engineering Services delivered either onsite or offshore at the time of need, improving PS utilization rates, lowering costs, and improving revenue opportunities.

Client’s Professional Services Organizations face the often herculean task of ramping up high quality delivery teams at a moment’s notice, delivering the project on time and on budget, and managing project scope, all while keeping a close eye on sales pipeline to ensure that they can deliver all of the software being sold. This leads to a constant balance between expected demand and actual project work with the goal of keeping as small a bench as possible while maximizing delivery capability, and improving revenue utilization.


Having a steady pool of resources that are available “on-demand” either onsite or offshore can often make the difference between delivery success and failure. Sysvine Software Product Engineering teams are deployed to address these critical business objectives:

  • Expand available staff
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Speed project delivery times
  • Lower overall costs of services
  • Consolidate sourcing channels
  • Capture expanded revenue opportunities
  • Redeploy internal PO to focus on high value activities
  • Build vertically focused solutions

The Sysvine Software Product Engineering capability extends from New Product Launch through Sustenance Engineering for legacy products.

Flexible Engagement Models

While significant cost savings can be achieved by utilizing offshore resources we recognize that cost is not the only motivation for outsourcing portions of professional services work. Sysvine utilizes flexible engagement models to ensure that your project needs are met, whether its cost savings, revenue expansion, or improving internal staff utilization rates. Sysvine Software Product Engineering Teams work through following models:

Extended Team Model

  • “Private Labeled” onsite / offshore Client PO Extension
  • High transparency and complete operational control
  • Define and execute “Common Mission and Goals” to be equal partner in success

Delivery Based, Service Orders

  • Delivery managed by PO, with SLAs
  • Ideal for small projects or sub-projects within a large product

Requirements to Deployment Model

  • Model for organization without dedicated Software Engineering Staff
  • Fixed fee or managed services with lower TCO