iOS Native Apps

We posses rich lineage of expertise in native iOS application development services.

Sysvine’s team of Mac developers have good experience and knowledge in Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa application development. The Mac OS platform has been one of Sysvine’s unique strengths. Sysvine has offered Mac development services with unique competence over 10 years. At Sysvine, we have provided Mac OS Development Services since Day 1; we have developed for all Apple OS versions (workstations or servers) and development tools since Mac OS 8.6, including the latest i.e., Snow Leopard. We have expertise on a wide range of technologies and industry-standard tools. We cover almost everything from System-level to User-Interface Applications.

Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa Software Development Services

  • Custom Applications for Mac OS X (Intel/PPC), Mac OS X Server
    • Carbon, Cocoa, Universal Binary
    • Migration or Porting or Reengineering
    • Mac OS PPC to Intel/Universal Binary Application Porting
    • Classic Mac OS to OS X (Carbon/Cocoa) Application Porting
    • Mac OS to Windows Application Porting (Mac OS Porting)
    • Windows to Mac OS Application Porting (Porting to Mac OS)
    • CodeWarrior to Xcode Porting
    • PowerPlant/Carbon to Cocoa Porting
  • Cross Platform Development – Mac/Windows/UNIX
  • Mac OS X Device Driver Development
  • Custom Extensions/Plug-in Development for Mac OS X Products
    • Adobe, Quark, FileMaker, Servoy


Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa Development Experience

Sysvine had great experience on Mac OS development by the time Mac OS X was launched. Having developed applications on Mac OS 8.x and 9.x systems, Sysvine had deep expertise on software development targeted for Mac development environments (either singularly or cross-platform). This along with the core programming expertise on Windows and UNIX platforms made Sysvine a powerful player on Mac solutions development platform. From desktop-oriented to server to consumer device versions of Mac OS X, Sysvine has gained from strength to strength, developing world-class software products/solutions for its clients.

Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa Technologies

Development Tools

  • Xcode, Interface Builder, Dashcode, Quartz Composer, AppleScript Studio, Automator, GCC, GDB, PackageMaker, Instruments, Shark, CHUD Tools, OpenGL Tools

Development Languages/Environments/APIs/Frameworks/Protocols

  • C, C++, Objective-C, Java, AppleScript, JavaScript, PostScript, RealBasic, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML, XSL
  • Carbon, Cocoa, , WxWidgets, WebObjects, Java, AppleScript, OSScript, Darwin, BSD, X11
  • Cocoa Distant Objects, Apple Events, Core Foundation, CFPlugin, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Data, Core Image, Core Video, CGDirectDisplay, ColorSync, Apple Events, Quartz, QuickTime, OpenAL, OpenGL
  • Address Book, Automator, Dashboard, Spotlight, Security/Keychain Services, Publication Subscription (RSS/Atom), PDF Kit, Search Kit, Web Kit, IO Kit, Web Services Access
  • AppleTalk, TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, FTP, HTTP, Open Transport
  • Launchd Daemons & Agents, Apple Sys Log, BSD Sockets, Mach Port, Distributed Notifications


  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Valentina, Sybase, OpenBase, 4D, Informix, Lasso

Open Source

  • WebKit, WebObjects, WxWidgets, Xerces, Expat, LibXML2, TinyXML, OpenSSL, LibCURL, gSOAP, XMLRPC-C, Boost, zLib, PCRE, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLLite, OpenAL, OpenGL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

Legacy and Other Development

  • Experience on development with OS Mac OS 8, 8.6, 9.x;
  • Open Transport (OT), AppleTalk, QuickTime
  • CodeWarrior 7/8/9/10, Project Builder, MPW (Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop)
  • AppleScript, MacApp, PowerPlant, Carbon, Mac Toolbox API

Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa development and Industries

  • Print/Publishing Software Solutions
  • Education or E-Learning or Training Software Solutions
  • Business Workflow Systems or Business Process Automation
  • Games and Entertainment Software
  • Healthcare and Medical Imaging Software Solutions
  • Graphics/Imaging/Media Technology Solutions
  • Mathematical/Biological Science Software Solutions

Key Points

  • Apple Premium Partner, with 10+ years of Mac Development Experience
  • Experience on development for Mac OS systems since 8.6 – 8.6, 9.x, 10.x
  • Experience on Desktop-oriented, Server and Consumer Device Mac OS X Platforms