Whether your business is global, regional or local, your business strategy must include a security component and comply with relevant standards, including industry standard information security, data security, application standards and interface standards like W3C, BobbyAA and eGIF. Many businesses must also enforce legal compliance standards or comply with government and industry regulations like HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

The security and standards compliance services offered by Sysvine are designed to help our clients analyse existing security and compliance scenario and develop or revise the strategy to adequately protect the enterprise and its stakeholders. We can also help you execute the strategy and provide industry experts and technical staff to complete a targeted project or provide ongoing support.

Data, Information and Application Security

Every organisation must consider the competitive market and the changing dynamics of technical and business environment frameworks. You must consider the security of business data, proprietary and confidential information and the critical data entrusted to your organisation by customers, suppliers and partners.

Information security falls into two distinct categories. The first category relates to internal business information including business strategy, proprietary data, financial information and personnel and other critical information used to support and manage the organisation. The second category includes data that is managed or used by the organisation as part of its business model in its dealings with stakeholders and collaborators or service providers.

Whatever the source or purpose of the information stored in your systems and applications, you must protect this data, and ensure privacy or risk losing critical business advantages. Poor application and information security can also result in legal action against the organisation. Every business has applications that store personal or private information about employees and customers and other stakeholders, and data security for these applications is of particular concern. Security threats can come from inside or outside the organisation and the implications can be devastating to the business, causing damage to the reputation of the business and threatening the legal, financial and ethical integrity of the enterprise.

Your organisation must also consider the multitude of industry specific and governmental regulations and standards that apply to the various types of data and information retained and managed by the business. These regulations apply to nearly every business and industry including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government and educational organisations. However, other types of businesses are not exempt from these stringent guidelines. Nearly every industry has some form of data security requirement and general data security protection laws are enforced in nearly every country.

With so many regulations and considerations, the prospect of examining and enforcing application and information security can be overwhelming. As you consider your security concerns, it is important to select an appropriate Software consulting organisation or technology company to assist you in analysis of your requirements and execution of an application and technology security plan that is appropriate for your unique needs.

Industry Standards, Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Most enterprises must comply with one or more industry regulations. Whether your business is subject to international security guidelines, financial information regulation, HIPPA healthcare information protection requirements or any one of the numerous governmental and industry regulations, your competitive stability, system integrity, and the interoperability with other stakeholders systems depends on your ability to implement and adapt to these standards and compliance requirements.

In addition to the numerous privacy and security regulations, your organisation will face a myriad of ever-changing application standards, graphical user interface (GUI) guidelines and other technical and business specifications. Some of these standards are listed below for reference.

W3CWeb browser interface compliance
Bobby AAWeb browser interface and accessibility compliance
eGIFIntergovernmental data interchange standards
eGMS Intergovernmental meta tag standards for content searching across applications
HIPPAHealthcare industry standards and compliance
Sarbanes-OxleyPublic information and financial industry standards and compliance

Depending on the industry in which you do business, and the country in which your business is located, your need for standards compliance may differ. No matter the requirement, we provide world-class application security and standards compliance services designed to help our clients maintain competitive advantage and protect the organisation and its stakeholders and customers.

We have a wealth of experience in a variety of multi-layered security tools and techniques and we understand information mapping and interpret the applicable regulations and standards. We provide unique services designed to satisfy the individual client requirement. These services include the study of guidelines and compliance standards for application security, interface standards, and other governmental and industry regulations, as well as appropriate recommendation and execution of specific strategies to achieve strict compliance. Regardless of the platform or application technology, we can assess your systems and recommend and implement measures to suit your business, legal and technical requirements. Our security and compliance consulting includes a variety of services.