Trend is going to be a proliferation of new or renewed languages, frameworks, and application development patterns frameworks designed with concurrent and asynchronous paradigm in mind. Asynchronous or non-blocking frameworks like Vert.x, Netty, Tornado and Node.js are going to be trending deeper inside enterprises.

Why is async cool now? Web apps are using more and more AJAX calls, web sockets for real-time and service-oriented models for back-end. These require high numbers of concurrent connections that often wait for resources instead of performing computing. This makes async computing perfect for web apps.

A async framework like node.js uses a single thread running on an event loop to efficiently interleave concurrent operations, most of them waiting for I/O. The async programming techniques stores state—co-routines, callbacks, deferreds; are more memory efficient than threads.

There are a number of asynchronous frameworks available. There is the more popular framework: Node.js with JavaScript as the language, Twister, Tulip, Tornado with Python and Vert.x with support of languages including Java. Vert.x is very popular among high-performing Financial Services apps.

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