Product Engineering

Telecom Software Product Organization, Chennai, India

The client required an Independent Software Vendor who could upgrade their Network Device Testing framework product from a stand-alone client model to multi-tester client/server model without losing out on performance. We had built the new solution on Apache/JBoss/MySQL/LINUX stack with Struts 2.0 as the web framework for the portal. A new rich Java Swing client enabled the Network Engineer to be more productive.

Cloud Apps

Portal for Public Safety for a client in North Carolina, USA

This portal is a easy to use suite of web-based and mobile apps (both iOS and Android), that empowers the residents to share information with local law enforcement, fire, emergency services and other citizens to make the community a better and a safer place to live.
This portal uses both back-end messaging from Computer Aided Dispatch Systems and Record Management Systems to send Framework based messaging architecture for the web.
This portal is developed using Java Play Framework, Restful WS, MongoDB, C#, Java, WordPress/PHP, MySQL, iOS/iPhone, Android, JMeter, SoapUI and Selenium.

e-Learning Portal for an Industrial Training Organization, KY, USA

Our client’s objective was to build an e-Learning portal named ITS e-Study with two-dimensional-multi-tenancy (for their franchisees and proctors). Stringent security and data access control objectives were driven due to user roles like franchisees, proctors, instructors, students, super-administrators and sub-roles within these roles. The e-Study portal hosts the following features: Courses, Exams, Reports, Integration with billing and certifying application. The solution had to be cost-effective in construction and scalability. Solution is a Java Web 2.0 portal built using Struts2-jQuery, JBoss-ESB, Drools, LDAP, MS SQL Server, FTP and MS SSiS.

Telecom Portal for a large enterprise based in Denver, CO, USA

This multi-year Portal development effort for a telecommunications giant headquartered in Denver, CO was their initiative to become the number-one provider of WAN and Internet services to its commercial Clients. This powerful portal allows the commercial Clients to manage their communications services efficiently and effectively through Internet. We were involved in developing the following sub-portals: eBilling, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Dedicated Internet Access, Dedicated Web Hosting, Virtual Private Network Services, and Toll-free Dial.

Cloud ERP Product for a client based at Atlanta, GA, USA

A cloud based ERP product for the Machinery, Erection and Implementation industry. The system manages Job creation and workflow in machine erection projects and integrates with financial systems like QuickBooks in real-time.
The technologies used are J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, backbone.js, jQuery, MySQL and Restful WS using Jersey.

Mobility Apps

iPhone App for Parents of Special Children

Client has requested us to develop an application (Cloud and Mobile based Service) for parents to comply with a federally mandated program for their Special children. The application is developed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3. The application is being developed in native cocoa framework. The app uses Location Services, Calendar API, Soap API, Push Notifications, Scanning API and Multimedia API. The server has a WordPress CMS portal site that has been developed in LAMP platform with jQuery/PHP/WebServices/MySQL stack.

Product for Mobile Workforce in O & G Industry, Texas, USA

A cloud-based system as a back-end with an Android based mobile front-end for the Mobile workforce in Oil and Gas industry. The workforce can track work-orders, timesheets, complaints, equipment tracking, asset management, etc. through the Android pad communicating in real-time with a RavenDB/.NET based cloud stack.
Product was developed using Titanium Appcelerator, .NET WS, RavenDB, ReDis and SQL Server 2008.

Mobile Location Library, Boston, USA

A smart location-tracking mobile framework that would find a person’s location, his speed or time spend at a location, etc. This is marketed in the US as a framework, API as well as an iPhone and Android app.
The technologies used are iOS, Objective-C, Apple Cocoa, XCode, Location Processor, SQLLite, MySQL, JEE, jQuery, Hibernate, Spring and Jersey WS.

Mobile App for educational domain, Atlanta, GA

A smartphone mobile app for iPhone for parents of IEP (Individualized Education Program) attending special children. This app lets the parent document their children’s progress in accordance with IEP requirements mandated by Federal law in USA.
This app was developed using iOS, Objective-C, Apple Cocoa, XCode, SQLLite, MySQL, PHP and CodeIgniter.

Parenting Mobile App, Boston, USA

A worry-free Mobile app for parents/guardians to keep a watch on their children’s social networking and locations. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
The app was developed using technologies such as iOS, Objective-C, Apple Cocoa, XCode, Location Processor, SQLLite, MySQL, JEE, jQuery, Hibernate, Spring, Jersey WS, Facebook API, Twitter API, Instagram API, Drools, jBPM and ZeroMQ.

Mobile App for a food retail chain, USA

A mobile app in iPhone for a restaurant chain in USA to offer coupons based on the location of the customer, which provides the ability to order through the phone.
The app was developed using iOS, Objective-C, Apple Cocoa, XCode, Location Processor and SQLLite.

Mobile App for a health chain, USA

An iPhone and Android app for a fitness chain in America that helps their customers monitor their food and exercises.
This app was developed using iOS, Objective-C, Apple Cocoa, XCode, Location Processor and SQLLite.

Mobile App for a Multiplex movie software maker, USA

An iPhone app for an entertainment company that owns several multiplex in USA. The manager and the usher of the multiplex can use this app to manage the number of people at a given auditorium. The usher can manage tickets through his iPhone attached with Linea Pro 4 scanner.
This app was developed using Play Framework Restful WS, MySQL, iOS 7 and Linea Pro 4.

Mobile App for Security Personnel, NC, USA

An iPhone app for Security and Police Officers who can pull up records look at the local traffic and Incidents in real-time. It also has the ability to chat or send message with fellow officers.
This app was developed using iOS Native and Restful WS.

iPhone & Android App for Frequent Shoppers

Client has requested us to develop an innovative confidential product (Cloud and Mobile based Service) that provides consumers offers based on their spending and travel patterns. The application is developed for iPhone and Android devices. The application is being developed in native cocoa framework for iPhone and iPad (iOS 4.0.x and higher) and in Java in Android 2.2 and higher. The app uses Location Services, Calendar API, Restful API, Push Notifications, Google Checkout API and Paypal API. The server has a portal site that has been developed in jQuery/J2EE/MySQL/LINUX Stack.

Knowledge Management

Information Discovery Portal for Cloud Service Company, NJ, USA

The client is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider with a service that discovers and aggregates information based on a patented neural networks algorithm. The service is provided vertically for HealthCare, Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Legal domains. For example, for HealthSmart, a user can research about a particular drug or disease in various information sources and obtain accurate results to be published in many formats. The Architecture includes interfaces to multiple information sources ranging from public domains such as the Internet, FDA’s Clinical Trials database, US Patents Office to private data sources such as email boxes and company’s intranet. Server stack is Clustered Apache/Tomcat/MySQL/Linux with technology framework of jQuery/Struts2/Spring/Hibernate with various API including ESB, RESTFul Services, Web Services, etc.

e-Learning Portal, USA

Moodle based online system for e-learning firm. The platform allows to upload and view lectures, assignments, evaluations and online chat sessions.
This portal was developed using PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Moodle and MySQL.


Radiology PACS – Product Engineering

Our client, based in Boston, offers from radiology PACS to tele-radiology solutions. Client’s objective was to have 50% of their Engineering team be offshore in an augmented fashion for their premier product PACS V6. The team is highly skilled in solving problems using tools like Java, C++, Imaging, PACS and healthcare standards like DICOM, HL7 and HIPAA. The radiology PACS workstation had to display a DICOM study within 2 seconds. The product has a rich client based on Java Swing for the Radiologists as well as a web-based portal solution for the referring physicians. IBM’s DB2 hosted the data repository. Server stack was IIS/Tomcat/DB2/Windows 2003 Server. The workstation contains image manipulation tools, DICOM Query Retrieve, Study Query Search, 3D Integration with Fovia Engine, Mammo diagnostic workstation, etc.

Extranet Portal for a Health Insurance company, San Francisco, CA, USA

Our client, a non-profit health insurance provider, provides a host of services to its members, providers, producers and employers through their extranet portal. The member portal helps members in locating a suitable provider, choosing the right plan and providing access to several resources regarding health and well being. For providers, it provides information on member eligibility and benefits, allows for submission and viewing of medical authorization and submission of claims. The site allows producers to find plans that serve their clients’ needs and employers to manage their employees’ health coverage. Technology Stack is jQuery/Struts2/Spring/Hibernate/Oracle on a clustered IBM Websphere server farm.

HealthPractice Mobile

HPM is the mobile platform for our product HealthPractice. HPM allows doctors to manage their appointments, view patient’s record and review patient’s radiology reports. The application is developed for Android 2.1, 2.2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3 and iPad 1 and 2. The application is being developed in hybrid manner with Titanium Appcerelator and native code. The app uses Location Services, Calendar API, Rest API, Push Notifications, Scanning API and Multimedia API.

Business Intelligence


Individualized Education Program (IEP) is designed to meet the unique educational needs of one child, who may have a disability, as defined by US federal regulations. The IEP is intended to help children reach educational goals more easily than they otherwise would. Assisting an US-based e-Learning Product company using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSiS), assisting School Districts to integrate the data with State Government. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) produces dashboard and Reporting Services for the School Administrators, District Officials and State Executives. Cubes developed using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and associated .NET web portal produce the forecasting and trending features.

Reporting Portal for IEP Reporting, SC, USA

An IEP Indicator application at State Level used to mine data from schools at district level and city levels. Microsoft Business Intelligence framework is used for this platform.
This portal was developed using .NET, Microsoft BI Platform using SSRS, SSIS and SSAS.

UX Design & Development

e-Commerce Portal, USA

B2B e-Commerce portal for a office supplies distributor. The app contains an intelligent engine that would automatically adjust the price based on past sales, weather patterns, economy data from the markets, etc.
This portal was developed using .NET, C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008.