Our solutions are developed for businesses to take full advantage of technology to run their operations more efficiently, more profitably and with higher customer satisfaction.

Sysvine differentiates from other Software Engineering solution providers by virtue of its passion to deliver innovative solutions built on proven technology and our track record. This enables our customers with aggressive time-to-market & lower total cost of ownership, without compromising on the service and delivery quality, improved customer service & achieve operational efficiencies.

How are solutions different?

Sysvine’s passion is to offer a solution that focuses on:

  • Functional Testing
  • End to End
  • Integration
  • Acceptance
  • Compatibility
  • Usability

Sysvine’s HealthPractice

Sysvine HealthPractice is a comprehensive, secure, flexible, customizable and easy-to-use solution for hospitals and clinics that integrates all its departments and branches that are geographically separated. HealthPractice is our flexible, customizable solution for Hospital Management System (HIS) and Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR). It is designed for both individual practices and multi-specialty hospitals in India as well as abroad. It addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals. The platform enables improved patient care and efficiency at affordable price.

Key Features:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Manage History, Screening, Diagnosis, Prescription, Advice and Allergies electronically; Ability to integrate Diagnostic Lab Reports, Imaging reports and Images into single integrated medical record for patient; Easy and intuitive user interface; Order management: Drug order, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Lab request, etc.; Various specialty Electronic Medical Records (OB/GYN, General Surgery); Real-time Integration with Video Devices including Ultrasound Scans and Laparoscopic Cameras; Incident Tracking Surveillance Diseases, Communicable Diseases, NCDs; ICD-10 Coding; Accident Data capture; Death Records; OB/GYN Module with Birth Record tracking.

In-Patient Management (Wards)

Room and Ward Management; Ward Transfer; Ward Availability Report; Operation Theatre Management; Admission Management; Discharge Management with single click discharge summary and consolidated bill; Operation Notes and Case Records Management; Surgery Management; Integration with Pharmacy; Integration with Labs; Integration with Scan Centers; Integration with Scan Centers.

Front Desk/Registration

Patient Registration, Quick Registration, OP & IP; Unique Patient ID, Visit IDs, generated after OPD and IPD registration; OP Card Generation; Appointments Scheduling for Doctors, Operating Theatres and Modalities; Appointments notification integration with SMS Messaging; Patient Tracking and Management; Customizable services offered in the hospital; OP & IP Billing; Orders for Diagnostic and Scan Centers; Ability to Generate various kinds of operational reports.


Customizable worklists with workflows; Patient Queue Management; Department Queue Management; Single list to manage; Death Records; Birth Records; Search Patient.

Document Management

Scanned Paper Documents cataloged by Patient; Images catalog; Voice files, Video files upload/download; Comprehensive Document Storage.


Point of Sale; Manage prices for Drugs; Manage Schedule Drugs; Manage Stocks; Reports for all regulatory and statutory obligations; Cash Management process with cash payments and cash receipts completely integrated; Inventory & Stock Reports; Expiry Drug Report.


Lab Order Tracking integrated with Patient Record; Completely customize the laboratory report by basic view, column view and grouping view; Micro-biology reports; Predefining the result fields manually; Scanned Paper Reports; Bar code Integration.


X-Ray Orders Tracking integrated with Patient Record; X-Ray Reports; Ultrasound Scan Orders and Reports; Customizable Ultrasound Reports; Real-time Video Capture interface with US Modalities; DICOM Interface with US Modalities; Incident Tracking Surveillance Diseases, Communicable Diseases, NCDs; ICD-10 Coding; Accident Data capture.


Managing patient’s obstetrics and gynaecology history; Antenatal care examination record for patient and her foetus; Auto expected delivery date calculation from the last menstrual period; Managing Birth Records, Stillbirth Records and Death Records; Birth Certificate; Antenatal care reports.


Manage Purchases; Manage Stocks; Manage Re-Orders of Stock; Track High Value Inventory; Track Non-Moving Stock; Master Data Management.


Centralized/Integrated Medical Billing Module with Reports; Integrated with Patient Record to reduce Leakages; Direct Billing; Cash Collection; Cash Payments; Cash Closure; Cash Advances, Refunds; Insurance Plan Tracking; Ability to print the bills in various sheets such as A4, 40-column and 80-column.


Eye Surgery; Keratometry Examinations; Spectacles Examinations; Diagnosis, Primary Complaints and Patient history record; Detailed vision examination reports.


Cash Management; Task Escalations; Approvals; Reports for the smooth functioning of Hospital Management; Compliance Reports; Custom Reports (On Request); Dashboards.