Public Safety

Real-time Information leads to better and quicker decisions.

With decades of real-time application development experience, Sysvine is your ideal technology partner for your public safety software platforms such as Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobility Apps and Record Management Systems. We enable public safety agencies to respond effectively to the needs of the communities they protect and serve.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Applications

Streamline dispatch, minimize response time and keep responders safe within a single agency or across jurisdictional centers. Experienced in integration with ProQA, legacy Record Management System and Mobile Applications.

Mobile Data Applications

Rapid information sharing, real-time reporting and data exchange between local, state and federal agencies strengthen public safety presence. Mobile apps for police & security personnel, instant access to Records, Neighborhood Watch applications and real-time applications for tablets and phones.

Record Management Systems

Whether officers need to create reports while in the field or personnel need help organizing and sharing record data, Sysvine has the expertise to efficiently design, deliver and integrate your RMS.